Ghetta Hirsch: Artist Statement

I am an enthusiastic gardener and find peace and serenity in the quiet of nature. One of my favorite activities is to nurture my plants and marvel at the succeeding flower blossoms and the generous harvest of herbs, fruit or vegetables.  When I am not tending to the garden, I like to discover the meadows, hills, coastal landscapes, sky and mountains of New England, or further.

I like landscapes that offer a sense of the vastness and mystery of our world.  I will stop at an unusual sight and return to the same spot many times.  Many visits are needed before I finally decide to sketch and paint “En Plein Air”.  Photos taken on location help finish the painting in my studio allowing me to repeat the experience of the moment.  Painting is for me a reflective, meditative, and visual appreciation of nature.  I like to express my impressions of horizons as they are offered and vary morning, day, and night to our human eyes.  Being able to stop and look is a wonderful experience, but taking the time to paint the views links me to the wonders of life and the beauty of the earth.

I prefer to use oils, and paint with brushes and a palette knife on canvas or boards.  Carrying materials outdoors is sometimes difficult for me, and outdoors paintings will often be smaller in size. If I work from perceived memory with my sketches and photographs I am able to work on larger canvases.  I use a different palette of colors for each painting, but I may have two or three pieces drying on different easels at the same time.  Color and texture are at the forefront of the process, but how the edges of each color melt together in harmonious tones is what challenges me.  This delicate blending of adjacent colors is slow and patient.  Sometimes, a set of objects will inspire a Still Life painting.  This classic exercise is a nice way to solidify my skills, and explore color, tone or value without fighting weather conditions, bugs, or physical discomfort.

As a student, I studied watercolor with an Italian master in France, continued to draw while raising a family, and picked up oil painting in my later years.  I love painting with oils for the richness of their colors, and the way the paint covers the canvas voluptuously.  I spend many hours painting, reading art books, and visiting galleries and museums to satisfy my passion and interest for the Visual Arts.