About Ghetta Hirsch

Growing up in Morocco, Ghetta Hirsch was deeply influenced by her surroundings, both at home and beyond.  Her father's architectural drawings, her mother's copious fabric collection, and the light and shapes evoked by the North African setting all had a part in developing her aesthetic.

Ghetta studied literature and education in France and the U.K., and eventually settled in Washington, D.C., where her professional life as a teacher, and later as a headmistress, kept her fully engaged.  Upon retirement in 2008, she was able to finally devote her full creative energies to an early passion, painting.

Although she worked with watercolor in the past, Ghetta now prefers oils.  In the Berkshires, she discovered the beauty of the outdoors and paints what she sees around her.  She starts with sketches and plein air studies, returning to the spot many times, and finally uses photos taken on location to finish the painting in her studio.

When she paints, Ghetta tunes into the visual flow before her, reducing it to an arrangement of color waves.  Her eyes see continuous pathways and she follows them with her brushes.  This meditative process is a sensorial exploration of nature, enhanced by the ongoing color translation of the light.

Ghetta's Williamstown, MA studio is open for visits.  To make arrangements, please feel free to write her at ghettagh@aol.com

In addition to this website, her work may be found at elzabdesign.com, White Birch Wellness, North Adams, MA, Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester, VT. and on Instagram @ghettahirschpaintings