About Ghetta Hirsch

After growing up in Africa and France, Ghetta Hirsch lived in England before moving to Washington DC and pursuing a career as an educator.  She recently settled in the Berkshires in 2008, shifting from a life focused on being a school principal to make room to pursue her long-neglected love of painting.

In her paintings, Ghetta aims to translate to canvas the simple pleasures she observes– a fruit, a field of grass, or billowing clouds- in dynamic compositions and palpable textures.   She sees a transition in her recent work from realism to a more interpretive expression of her subjects.  Her use of the palette knife to convey light and texture has been influenced by the work of Ed Carson and Lucy MacGillis, with whom she has studied in workshops over the last few years.

Ghetta currently exhibits at the Southern Vermont Arts Center and at the White Birch Wellness Center in North Adams.  Prior to this, she has exhibited in North Adams Gallery 107, North Adams Regional Hospital, the Eclipse Mill Gallery, and in a selected interior design showcases in York Harbor Maine and the Boston area.